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ivective fitness app ivective fitness app


be ivective stands for the philosophy of a holistic „effective“ lifestyle. Whereas we focus on sports, yet still see it as a part of a whole. This means to be sustainably healthy, fit, performance-capable and first and foremost happy. Sport for us is not an end in itself but a requirement. Ivective does not solely target the often promoted good looks (sixpack, large biceps), but the attractiveness resulting from health, performance capability and contentment. Ivective offers a flexibility, individuality, and variety based on a scientific foundation that no other APP on the market does.

You set the goals and we help you to achieve them.


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Training philosophy

Ivective follows the newest findings of sports science. Ivective is based on functional training and therefore does not need weights nor fitness studios. It can be done anywhere, anytime, in the tightest space and while traveling.

We purposely cut away from old ideas that an ideal training has to lead to absolut exhaustion. Our body does not count repetitions. Our muscles do not care how many push ups we do, it is interested in time under tension („tut“).

We use the Borg scale choosing our intensity, which means that the person who is working out assesses  the intensity of his workout himself according to a scale. This scale is used as well in sports science as in medicine.

The central point of our training philosophy is a work out plan doable for anybody under any condition at the same time we take practicality, variety and flexibility into consideration as well as the health promoting aspect of each exercise.

Regular performance diagnostics help us to set - together with the client - the intensity of each clients training cycle. This leads to different training levels allowing every person to work out „ivectively“.


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